Decisions are hard; they cause stress, frustration, anger, and procrastination.


Do you feel held back due to some BIG decision you need to make? Ready to go at it from another perspective? Download this workbook and Make That Big Decision Easy!


Decisions are part of life, but they can be tough. Too often, we put off the big ones because we’re afraid of making the wrong choice. Or we don’t have enough information to make an educated choice.

Stop procrastinating and make that big decision easy!

Think of this worksheet as your simple guide to the easiest decision making you’ve ever encountered. Go from overwhelmed, frustrated, and can’t make a decision to the confident “I’ve got this!” person you’ve always wanted to be. You will get a easy-to-use workbook with a pretty worksheet you can use over and over. Start making confident, educated decisions a normal part of life.

Plus, it’s 100% FREE!

Make That Big Decision Easy - Omni Media Designs



Sometimes you just need to take a deep breath, relax, and look at the big decsion with a fresh perspective.


Have a lot of big decisions waiting for you to pick a side? Take some time to define which are the most pressing choices.


Once you see how easy it is to make those big decisions easier, you’ll be using this technique over and over!


Hey there, I’m Katy!

I help coaches, creatives, and service-based businesses learn how to stop chasing squirrels and start telling them where to go. 


For over 10 years I have been helping my clients choose the right path, the right marketing plan, and choose to streamline their business instead of running around chasing all the squirrels. 


As an entrepreneur and special needs mom of an adult disabled child, I know what it’s like to doubt yourself. I know what it’ like to feel overwhlemed with all the choices out there. I’m here to say, you don’t need to struggle anymore!


I’m happy to share an easy trick to make the right decisions, manage your expectations, and build confidence in yourself!

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