Are you struggling to create an account that attracts raving fans and ready buyers?


You have just stumbled on an amazing tool that, in 5 easy steps, will help you fully optimize your account so your can boost conversions!


You know your ideal clients are already there searching for the solutions to their problems. You know they should be finding your content, but…

It feels as if your account doesn’t even exist. Or maybe, you haven’t even started using this amazing search engine. Now is the time to build an optimized, lead-generating account that wows your customers with your can’t-live-without products and services.

Think of this workbook as your cheat sheet to the best Pinterest account you could imagine! Go from the overwhelmed squirrel chaser to the confident Pinterest user drawing in your ideal customers over and over again. You will get a step-by-step plan designed to help your gain clarity on your marketing goals and create a pinning strategy unique to your business.

Plus, it’s 100% FREE!

Omni Media Designs - Your Pinterest Account Optimized Freebie



Pinterest is a search engine where your customers are searching for solutions to their problems. Everything in your Pinterest account needs to include the right keywords so your customers can easily find you. 

Inside you’ll find worksheets to make finding and using the right keywords super simple!


This easy to use workbook will guide you through the steps to help you set up or refresh your Pinterest account so it is fully optimized to attract your ideal client.

We’ll work on your bio, pins, boards, covers, titles, and descriptions using the right keywords to attract and drive traffic to your business. 


Take the guesswork out of designing drool-worthy pins. You will learn what size to create, which copy gains attention, what kind of graphics to include, and how to make your pins stand out.

Inside the Optimization Workbook you’ll find all the details to design pins that are repeatedly repinned!



Hey there, I’m Katy!

I help coaches, creatives, and service-based businesses understand how using Pinterest can create a sustainable marketing strategy that regularly brings in customers.


For over 8 years I have been managing multiple accounts over many niches. Each client brings a unique marketing strategy because Pinterest is not a one-size-fits-all platform.


I’ve done all the hard work learning the ins and outs of Pinterest, I’ve made all the mistakes, and worked through all the trials and errors, and now I’m ready to share my knowledge.


I’m here to help you utilize Pinterest, manage your expectations, and come up with a Pinterest strategy designed to get your business noticed and growing!

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